Runtime: 0:25

Borrowed Time  

Copyright © 2013 Paul Lettieri
  • Genre : Sci-Fi Drama
  • Written & Directed by : Paul Lettieri
  • Cast : Craig Watkinson, Buckley Sampson, Bette Smith, Andy Fitzgerald
  • Director of Photography : Dylan Neal
  • Production Designer : Cami Viand
  • Original Music by : Thorsten Herrmann Wollmann
  • Produced by : Paul Lettieri, Bharat Babbar, Virginia Grigori
  • Executive Producer : Kathleen Lettieri


"BORROWED TIME" is Writer/Director Paul Lettieri's short film about a man who must convince his wife to join him in immortality before it is too late in a future where medical technology enables the wealthy few to buy eternal youth and good health in a bottle.

The film takes a 60 year journey through the lives of Craig and Anna, a married couple who despite being very much in love, are at odds over the use of a serum that can extend their lives forever. Craig, a hard charging executive used to getting his way sees only upside, looking forward to an eternity chasing down the next business deal at work, and being with his loving wife at home. Anna, drawing on a wider perspective, feels this is irresponsible given humanity's limited resources.

Craig drinks his serum early on and spends many years trying to convince Anna to take her dose. Finally, as Anna lies on her death bed and with time running out, Craig must decide whether to force the serum on Anna to save her, but possibly lose her in the process, or to let her go. But just when he does make his decision, events conspire to complicate matters further, forcing Craig to make an even harder decision.

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